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R&R Talent Advisors is a Helsinki based recruitment & HR firm that works with scaling technology companies in the Nordics and San Francisco.


With more than 20 years of combined recruitment & HR experience, we are committed to data driven and innovative solutions that produce excellent results at warp speed.

Rob Pappas | Co-Founder, Recruitment Partner

Rob has done a bit of everything in recruitment over the last 10 years, as he has worked on the agency side, in-house, consulting, leading recruitment & HR teams, advising and more.


His philosophy has always been to maximize the company’s recruitment output, while minimizing energy and cost. This, in practice, results in automating mundane tasks and using data-informed decisions to get to the right decision faster - so that his clients can focus their time where it matters: white glove candidate experience.

Rob started his career in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he worked with various companies, from 10-person start-ups to 200+ person unicorns. His long list of clients have run the gamut of food delivery, tactile VR, smart ovens, waste management, travel applications and much more.

In 2017, he took an unconventional route and moved from San Francisco to The Nordics to join an EdTech company, Yousician, that is changing the way people learn music.


He has since doubled their team and he is now focusing on using his knowledge and experience to help other scaling companies in the Nordics.

magnus lindfors | co-founder / recruitment

Over the last 10 years Magnus has largely focused on making key technical hires for scaling growth companies. He has wide-ranging experience in freelance, agency and in-house - delivering results for contract and permanent positions within the public and private sectors. Magnus has managed the full recruitment cycle for the world's largest gaming ads network Unity, and in recent years helped Yousician double its team through making critical hires in Helsinki and New York.


Above all, Magnus is social by nature and enjoys connecting and creating opportunities for people and companies.

Meghan McGuire Cushard | Recruitment Partner - US Operations

Over a decade ago, Meghan’s professional journey pivoted and led her to recruitment.
While it may have been accidental at the time, make no mistake, she was made for the talent acquisition space.
Naturally gregarious, curious, and hardworking - her early mentors encouraged her to seek out the recruitment space as they knew it would be a natural fit.

10 years later, Meghan has not only recruited for globally recognized companies such as Airbnb, Sony, Grammarly, and Volkswagen, she also took the leap of faith back in 2015 and founded McGuire Consulting.

While scary at the time, her clientele is happy she did so.
She is not purely looked at as a recruitment partner, but also a confidante, strategic advisor, and friend.

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