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Driving growth from garage start-ups to enterprise giants!

Start-up Stage

1 - 50 employees

At this critical stage, we focus on laying the foundation. Establishing headcount planning, nailing key hires, HR personnel assessments and augmentation, reviewing the HR technology stack, compensation and benefits analysis and generally speaking - providing the right tools, process and personnel to handle the challenge at hand.

Growth Stage

50 - 200 employees

Auditing, augmentation and analysis are key here. At this stage - we ensure that you’re doing the right things to prepare yourself for hypergrowth. We focus on people analytics and stakeholder interviews to figure out where the sticking points are. Often times, this can involve altering processes, adding new technologies or helping to make strategic hires that will unlock growth for the company.


200+ employees

The key word here is empowerment. To get to 200+ people, you’ve clearly done a lot of things correctly. Our goal is to help your team benchmark where they are at, and to help to get your team where they want to go. This could mean making critical hires, providing temporary HR & recruitment relief, executive search and more.

Public Stage

This is where timing and talent meet. As a public company, there are times where you need quick talent bursts, last second performance evaluation and compensation analysis, executive search and more. These are some of R&R’s core competencies.


Business Development


Product design







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