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Local & targeted

We know the Nordics inside and out as we have worked in this market for some time. Accordingly, we are well aware of market trends and to the benefit of our clients we share this information through our benchmarking technology.

Methodology over madness

Our methodology is always grounded in logic. This in practice means that we use data, heat mapping and research to target the candidates with the strongest likelihood of making the plunge. We of course are more than familiar with running global searches, but our focus is to maximize the potential candidates our client can speak to while minimizing the period of time.

Proactive and visible

Everything we work on will be visible and clear to the client. Being a boutique agency, we run searches as if we we were your own full-time-employees. We over index on communication by providing quantitative and qualitative feedback to ensure we’re always in lockstep.

With years of experience placing C-Suite and VP Level talent, R&R knows the ins-and-outs of this ultra-competitive space. Our focus always begins and ends with the customer. We act as a direct extension of the client so we over-index on being able to sell the opportunity as a jumping-off point.

From there, we go to work. We’re uniquely positioned in that we can rely on a strong network, but in addition to that, our expertise is head hunting. We have the tools and experience to be aggressive in the open market place to bring you the best talent.

Executive search

looking for the best leaders?

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